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Sleep is a critical building block of good health but is not emphasized in medical education. This course will help to close this knowledge gap and assist health care professionals in understanding how, when and what types of sleep-related approaches and interventions might be used in conjunction with conventional therapies to enhance health.

One example of this is the accruing research on the impact of healthy sleep on cardiovascular health in children and adults, another is the impact of sleep disorders in neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD.

This course covers Principles of Healthy Sleep, Sleep Disorders, Diagnosing Sleep Disorder, Obesity and Sleep, Insomnia, Lifestyle Approaches to Healthy Sleep, Mind-Body Therapies and Sleep, Dietary Supplements and Sleep, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Sleep in Patients with Chronic Illness.

Outcome Objectives

  • Identify patients that could potentially benefit from integrative medicine sleep-focused treatment options.
  • Determine which medical conditions have robust supporting evidence for the use of sleep-based integrative medicine treatment options in children and adults.
  • Teach clinicians how to better educate parents about nutrition-based integrative medicine treatment options for their patients.